Elite 110 is a $50 Mini-ITX case from Cooler Master

Tired of case launches yet? Hopefully not, because Cooler Master's latest introduction is pretty nifty. Dubbed the Elite 110, the enclosure is, in Cooler Master's words, the "most compact fully featured Mini-ITX chassis." It measures only 11.1" x 10.3" x 8.2", has room for enthusiast gear, and is surprisingly affordable, at $49.99.

Cooler Master says the Elite 110 can house graphics cards as long as 8.3" and ATX power supplies up to 7.1". There's a mesh front panel with a 120-mm stock fan behind it, but you can replace that fan with a 140-mm one—or strap in a 120-mm radiator for a closed-loop liquid cooler. Need extra cooling? Cooler Master leaves room for dual 80-mm side fans, as well.

On the storage front, the Elite 110 can accommodate up to three hard drives or four solid-state drives. There are no 5.25" optical drive bays, obviously, but Cooler Master does include a couple of USB 3.0 front-panel ports. (Okay, so technically, the ports are on the side. See the picture above.)

The Elite 110 may be a little cramped for my tastes, but you can't deny that's a nice assortment of features for a $50 case. This thing is fair bit smaller than Corsair's new Obsidian 250D, too.

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