This Cooler Master keyboard lights up keys as you type

That Cherry MX RGB keyboard from Corsair isn't the only one to put a new twist on backlighting. At CES this week, Cooler Master showed another novel backlight design, which dynamically lights up keys as you type. Check out Scott's video:

According to Scott's notes from the show floor, Cooler Master calls this keyboard the QuickFire Rapid I and plans to offer it with multiple Cherry MX switch types. Presumably, both gamer- and typist-friendly switches will be available. I don't see much of a practical use for the dynamic backlighting, except perhaps if the keyboard is outfitted with Cherry MX red or black switches, which don't normally provide feedback upon actuation. The effect sure looks cool, though, and it may turn heads at LAN parties.

Cooler Master had another keyboard on display: the NovaTouch TKL. That model features electrostatic switches—à la Topre—with the same type of stem as Cherry's MX switches. In other words, the switches should have Topre-like response, but you should be able to stick key caps from Cherry MX keyboards on them. Given the wealth of custom Cherry MX keycaps out there, it's easy to see the appeal. The NovaTouch TKL will be available for less than $200 in the early part of the second quarter.

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