Corsair's new USB thumb drive has full-size-, Micro-USB ports

Wouldn't it be great if all tablets had full-sized USB ports? You could plug in thumb drives and all manner of other devices without adapters or other workarounds. Happily, some slates out there are blessed in this fashion—but most aren't.

Enter the Flash Voyager Go, a USB thumb drive from Corsair that has a full-sized USB connector on one end and a Micro-USB connector on the other. Here it is in Scott's hand:

The Flash Voyager Go is targeted at Android devices. According to Corsair, it'll work with any Android tablet or smartphone, so long as the device has USB On-The-Go support. Corsair's little info sheet makes no mention of Apple devices, which isn't really surprising, since iPads and iPhones have proprietary Lightning connectors instead of Micro-USB ones.

This kind of awkwardness hopefully won't be necessary once USB 3.1 and its Type-C connector turn up. The Type-C connector is supposed to be small and orientation-independent, much like the Lightning connector. In the meantime, though, Corsair's Flash Voyager Go looks like it a handy addition to any tablet travel kit.

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