1. Ace's Hardware has more on AMD 762 + VIA 686B drama (thanks rand)
  2. The Inquirer has DX9 details (thanks Forge)
  3. X-bit labs has NVIDIA GPU price list (thanks ---k)
  4. Electic Tech has Asus 12.90 beta drivers for NVIDIA cards
  5. Red Hat Linux 7.1 for Itanium
  6. Konqueror gets Activ(eX)ated
  7. Futurelooks reviews Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (movie)
Systems and case

  1. Digit Life's June hardware digest part 2
  2. Amdmb's July system recommendation guide
  3. Accelenation's DDR-SDRAM roundup
  4. Rojak Pot previews Bose QuietComfort acoustic noise cancelling headset
  5. Digit Life reviews Olympus Camedia C-700 digital camera
  6. Overclockers Online reviews the Romeo case

  1. BiT-Tech on temperature controlled cathodes
  2. Overclockers Australia reviews HighSpeed PC 80mm fan expander
  3. CoreSpeed3d reviews Tt Dragon Orb 3
  4. 8Balls Hardware does three way copper coolers shootout
  5. Mikhailtech's quiet overclocker's guide for July
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