Tiny Steam machine with AMD guts coming from Maingear

There was one system missing from that big list of Steam machines Valve published last week. As it turns out, Maingear is prepping a version of Gigabyte's Brix Pro small-form-factor PC with AMD hardware under the hood. Scott got a (literally) hands-on look at it during CES this week:

Whereas the Gigabyte Brix Pro is based on R-series Haswell processors (which have integrated Intel Iris Pro graphics), the Maingear variant features an AMD A8-5557M processor and Radeon R9 M275X 2GB graphics.

For those not intimately familiar with AMD's mobile product family, the A8-5557M is a quad-core part with a 2.1GHz base speed, a 3.1GHz peak Turbo speed and a 35W thermal envelope, according to CPU-World. We haven't seen official specs for the Radeon R9 M275X. Considering the rest of the M2-series Radeons seem to be made up of re-badged 8000M-series offerings, however, the M275X may be no different. We're told it performs roughly on par with the desktop Radeon HD 7750, in any case.

Maingear plans to sell this machine for less than $1,000. A Windows-powered version will be out "soon," but you'll have to wait until June for the SteamOS model. Valve's Steam Controller will be offered as an optional add-on.

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