Lepa splashes color coatings on its CPU coolers

You know those black- and white-coated Enermax ETS-T40 heatsinks we reviewed last September? At CES this week, Lepa (Enermax's sister brand) had some similar designs with blue, green, and red finishes on display. Scott captured a video of the blue model, which was outfitted with a disco-style fan:

Scott also snapped pictures of the green and red models. The green one has more of a military camo hue, while its red sibling has kind of a sports car vibe:

All three of these are prototypes. Lepa showed them in order to gauge interest, and it'll decide whether or not to proceed with a commercial release if they generate enough (proverbial) buzz.

Now, I can't be the only one who finds bare aluminum fins and copper heatpipes a little dull. As we saw in our testing of the ETS-T40, the color coating doesn't reduce cooling performance, so there's no form-versus-function tradeoff to going with a snazzier-looking finish. If these Lepa designs are just as good as the Enermax offerings, I do hope we'll see them in stores eventually.

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