Cooler Master demos ultra-wide case, new Silencios, passive heatsink

Most of the cases on display at CES conformed to usual form factors. At Cooler Master's suite, however, Scott came across a prototype enclosure that strayed a little from the norm. Take a look:

This double-wide case prototype has two chambers: one for the components and another for cable management. If you're not happy with the upright arrangement, you can lay the thing on its side and make it look like an old-school turntable. The Cooler Master logo will rotate to match. This contraption doesn't have a name yet, and Cooler master hasn't set a launch price or release date. We'll be keeping an eye out for it, though.

Of course, Cooler Master did have more conventional offerings on display, as well.

These are the Silencio 452S and 652S. These are the same as the Silencio 452 and 652, which Cooler Master announced in December, except that they feature a new type of fan branded SilentFlo. According to Cooler Master, the SilentFlo fan results in "much lower noise and better airflow."

Internal layouts should otherwise be identical across the S- and non-S versions of the Silencios. A look at Cooler Master's product pages for 452 and 652 shows generous drive bay arrangements (the 452 takes six 3.5" drives and two 2.5" ones), the usual cut-outs in the motherboard tray for cable routing and access to the back of the CPU socket, and noise-damping foam linings along the side panels. We're told the Silencio 452S and 652S two cases will arrive at the beginning of the second quarter—April or early May, in other words. The larger of the two, the Silencio 652S, will be priced below $100.

Speaking of quiet, Cooler Master demoed the PS-600, a humongous tower-style heatsink that's designed to operate passively with CPUs up to 89W. That means you can remove the fan and let those king-sized fins do their thing with the airflow inside your case. Cooler Master is still testing this bad boy, so we don't have a launch schedule or pricing to share with you.

Finally, on a somewhat more off-beat note, Scott spotted a couple of modded Stacker HAF cases in Cooler Master's suite:

I doubt these will be released commercially. Few of the modded enclosures we've seen at CES over the years ever are. They certainly look... interesting, though.

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