AMD K6-III+ and K6-2: the final cut

LostCircuits walks down memory lane.
In a companion article on the overall performance of the K6-III+ posted on ClickOn-CPU I have looked into what possible benchmark results can be achieved by upgrading a Socket7 system to a K6-III+. To put these numbers into perspctive, this article compares the K6-III+ with the K6-2 in a few selected benchmarks. The K6-x+ processors were released late last year as an interim solution for the mobile market, between the fading K6-2 and the mobile Athlon/Duron line recently launched. Discontinued by now, there are still many of these parts "in the wild" leading to the question what kind of gains can be achieved from using a K6-x+ processor.
Read more to find out how it performs.
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