Kaveri desktop APUs already selling online

A couple of versions of AMD's Kaveri desktop APU are already selling online. The A10-7850K and A10-7700K are both available, but their price tags are somewhat higher than expected. I count three vendors in the US selling boxed versions of the processors right now. Here's how the pricing stacks up:

  Newegg TigerDirect NCIX AMD price
A10-7850K $190 $180 $200 $173
A10-7700K $170 $160 $170 $152

Keep in mind that AMD's official prices are for "direct AMD customers in 1000-unit tray quantities." The chips selling online are retail-boxed units that include heatsinks, and it's not unusual for that sort of packaging to come with a higher price tag. Some of AMD's Richland-based APUs are selling for more than their 1000-unit prices, too.

Based on the price differences between the three vendors currently stocking Kaveri desktop APUs, it's clear that some are marking up AMD's new hotness. NCIX's US site charges the most for the A10-7850K, while it and Newegg share that dubious honor for the 7700K. TigerDirect has the lowest prices overall.

Unfortunately, the A8-7600 APU we tested isn't available for sale just yet. Although the chip appears on AMD's official price list and was sampled to the press, the firm has only provide a vague "Q1'14" timeframe for its release.

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