Silverstone shows plethora of new cases

At CES last week, Scott paid a visit to Silverstone. He was greeted with a boatload of new enclosures—some small, others large, and many of them interesting additions to the company's case family.

Among the smallest enclosures on display was the RVZ01, a Mini-ITX model that will come out next month at around $90. The RVZ01 is rather thin, with dimensions of 15" x 4.1" x 13.8". However, Silverstone employs a riser bracket to make room for a full-featured discrete graphics card, and it includes two slim 120-mm fans as well as an emplacement for a third one. The RVZ01 otherwise has a slim optical drive bay and room for one 3.5" hard drive and two 2.5" SSDs.

The ML07 is a sibling of the RVZ01 with a similar interior but a different exterior that can be customized with color strips. Silverstone will sell the RVZ01 for around $80 later this quarter.

Also in the Mini-ITX department, Silverstone was displaying the DS350: a Mini-ITX case primed for use as either a storage server or a storage-heavy gaming rig. The DS350 has eight hot-swappable 3.5" bays, and we're told it can accommodate one of Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan graphics cards. This one will cost $150 when it comes out next month.

Next up was the SG12. This one has a microATX form factor and, according to Silverstone, internals similar to those of the SG01 and SG02. However, it will be priced at only $80 when it debuts in the second quarter, and it's meant to have better cooling as well as room for more 2.5" drives than its predecessors.

Silverstone had some new Raven, Fortress, and GD-series enclosures in its showcase, as well. The Raven and Fortress cases are the upright ones, while the GD-series designs are meant to lay flat (and to blend with a home-theater setup). The RV05 and FT05 are notable in that they lack 5.25" drive bays; instead, Silverstone outfits each one with a single slim optical drive bay. The Raven RV05 (pictured on the left in the second photo) has the same rotated layout as the Raven RV03 we reviewed a few years ago. However, the new model is smaller, and it should be more affordable, too, at $120. The RV05 will launch in the first quarter, while the Fortress will hit stores in the second quarter at $180.

Last, but not least, Silverstone gave CES attendees a look at the XG2 station, a Thunderbolt-connected enclosure meant to accommodate a power supply and dual-slot PCI Express graphics card. We don't know very much about the XG2 yet, but it could make a handy sidekick to an ultrabook. The latest incarnation of the Thunderbolt interface has 20Gbps of bandwidth, which ought to be plenty for a game-worthy graphics card.

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