Latest Rosewill cases are slick, aluminum-clad

Okay, so we lied; we have one more nugget of product news from Scott's trip to CES. This encore comes from Rosewill, which was showing off several aluminum-clad enclosures that looked rather slick. Rosewill had an interesting mechanical keyboard offering on display, too.

The picture above shows, from left to right, Rosewill's Legacy V4, Legacy U2, Legacy U3, and Legacy MX2.

The V4 is a microATX "mini cube" built out of aluminum alloy. It can accomodate three 3.5" hard drives (or one 2.5" and two 3.5"), a graphics card as long as 10.2", a total of three 80-mm fans, and a processor cooler as tall as 4.7". It's already listed at Newegg for $89.99, and a black version is available for the same price.

The Legacy U2 is a little taller, and it has a window on the left panel. This case is narrower than the V4, though, and it only has room for Mini-ITX motherboards and graphics cards up to 8.6" long. Cooling is limited to a single 120-mm fan at the rear, as well. At least CPU coolers up to 6.8" are supported. Asking price: $89.99 for both the black and silver versions.

The third model from the left, the Legacy U3, is an oversized, windowless version of the U3 with room for microATX mobos and graphics cards up to 10.2". I don't see any other differences in Rosewill's spec sheet except for the price, which is $119.99 for both the black and silver finishes.

Last, but not least is the Legaxy MX2, a microATX design. Unlike the others, this one lays its aluminum cladding onto a steel chassis. There's space for three 3.5" drives, two 2.5" SSDs, and three fans—two 140 mm and one 120 mm. This is the only enclosure of the bunch with an optical drive bay, too, although it's only a slim-line one. Rosewill will charge $199.99 for both the black and silver versions of this case. Just make sure your CPU cooler is no taller than 5.9", or it won't fit inside.

Here's that mechanical keyboard we mentioned. This is a backlit, tenkeyless prototype based on Chinese-built versions of Cherry's MX key switches. We don't have a price or a release date for you yet. However, I'd expect this thing to cost a little less than Rosewill's current backlit offerings with German-built Cherry switches and full key layouts.

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