Morning, all. Today is MLK day, so we'll be posting lightly or possibly lounging around on the couch playing Kingdom Rush.

I personally plan to work on a secret project that's long been brewing behind the scenes here at TR. I like holidays, because it's quiet, and I can be more productive.

Then again, I may be forced to recant that sad, sad sentiment because my Internet connectivity is iffy. We started seeing major packet loss and intermittent connectivity on our Time Warner Cable service on Friday afternoon. Called on Saturday to open a ticket, and they assigned me an appointment for a service call... on this coming Thursday. I called back this morning to plead for an earlier appointment, but they didn't have anything else open.

I guess almost a week is fine now before the provider even starts work on an outage? We've been really good customers for over a decade, requiring little to no assistance with anything, even modem swaps and upgrades. Seems like maybe they could make a truck roll a bit sooner than that the one time we need it.

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