Specs leak out for desktop Kabini processors

Up until CES, we had no clue that AMD would offer Kabini as a socketed desktop processor. But then we came across a desktop motherboard with a new, 721-pin socket primed for an unannounced line of Kabini chips, and AMD's plan became (somewhat) clear.

This week, we've learned even more. A DigiTimes story posted this morning says that AMD will release several desktop Kabini APUs in February. The chips will be priced between $30 and $60, and AMD reportedly expects to ship 1.5 million of them this year. So claim DigiTimes' sources at motherboard makers, at least.

Another story posted on Sunday by VR-Zone Chinese reveals purported specs for the desktop Kabini family. VR-Zone says there will be five chips, all with 25W power envelopes and integrated Radeon HD 8000-series graphics:

Processor Cores Clock
A6-5350 4 2.05GHz 2MB HD 8400 25W
A4-5150 4 1.60GHz 2MB HD 8400 25W
A4-3850 4 1.30GHz 2MB HD 8280 25W
E1-2650 2 1.45GHz 1MB HD 8240 25W

The DigiTimes story mentions the same five model numbers. However, it says the A4-5150 will be clocked at 1.05GHz, not 1.60GHz. It's hard to tell which source is correct at this stage, especially since Kabini can be given different base and peak clock speeds with Turbo Core.

Another discrepancy between the two sources: while DigiTimes' sources expect a February launch, VR-Zone believes the desktop Kabini lineup won't be out until March.

Discrepancies aside, I think we're getting close enough to the truth for comfort here. Desktop Kabini is coming, and it's coming soon—possibly in five different flavors, the fastest of which will be clocked a smidgen higher than the speediest mobile model.

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