Before dinner last night, I was out for a walk and saw a couple of Time Warner Cable trucks doing some work on the other side of our neighborhood. After dinner, we got a robo-call from Time Warner saying some work had been performed nearby and asking us to confirm whether our connectivity problems had been resolved. I ran some ping and transfer tests, and yep, we were back in business. I confirmed the fix was effective, and the cable company canceled my appointment for a tech to visit here this morning. So it appears our entire neighborhood was affected by the problem for about five days. Next time, I will probably turn up Clear wireless service (I have a modem sitting around) for a week or so rather than expecting a prompt fix.

Ah, well. Looking forward to Google Fiber at some point.

In other news, I thought this profile on Day Z was nicely done. I've been intrigued by the mod and now the game, but I haven't bought it yet. I knew it was really a thing when the early access stand-alone game owned the top spot on Steam throughout the holiday sale. Geoff says he's holding out until more of the bugs are squashed. I may do the same... if I can resist.

Meanwhile, my two older kids and I played through the first 20% or so of Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons last night. Man, what a well-executed... everything. The look of the game is sumptuous, even while it has a cartoony art style and isn't especially high-tech in terms of lighting and such. The frame rate looks to be a near-constant 60 FPS on our HTPC, which adds a lot. The design of the world is somehow "more" three-dimensional than most 3D games; there's one spot where you walk along a cliffside high above a puzzle you traversed in a field below minutes before. The puzzles are engaging and the control scheme is original, without either aspect being too frustrating.

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