I have received ALW and Forge's SuSE Linux overview, and it should be online later this week. Looks like a quick, no-nonsense overview of SuSE on the desktop. We have a couple of other reviews on the grill for the week, too.

Speaking of Linux, the new TR server arrived at Damage Labs on Saturday. It's a very slick 1U (~2" tall) rack-mount box with dually PIIIs, a RAID mirror, dual NICs, and a half gig of RAM. I'm gonna add some more RAM, reinstall Linux as I see fit, and ship it out to the hosting place before too long. Should be nice and fast. And I have to admit, I'm glad to be back on Linux. There's a certain 1960s-era efficiency about it that makes any modern PC feel like a freakin' mainframe when you're poking around in the shell.

If any of you guys have suggestions on journaling file systems for Linux, please post 'em below. I'm hoping one of 'em is mature enough to use for our production server.

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