Friday night topic: Worthwhile news sources

I've gotta admit, I'm much less engaged with world news and politics than I used to be, in large part because I have struggled to find news sources that 1) I can trust and 2) have a broad enough focus to keep me well-informed. There's more to it, but I do have the sense that the major media organizations have declined in overall quality and have become fascinated with chasing readership or viewership at the expense of everything else. This episode on MSNBC this past week is a great (and terrible) example:

Yes, they cut off the congresswoman talking NSA overreach in order to bring us a breaking story on Justin Bieber's booze and strippers.

I know there's no perfect news source, but I'm curious: where do you get your news? How many different outlets do you frequent? And how much do you trust what you're reading or hearing? Is there a chance that the news outlets you "like" aren't necessarily all that objective, but instead just feed your pre-conceived ways of interpreting the world? If so, how have you addressed this problem?


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