nForce chipset to support only WinXP/ME?

Van Smith went and got himself a hardware site, where he has posted a look inside NVIDIA's upcoming nForce chip. This article serves as a sort of follow-up to his nForce overview at InQuest. Both articles are worth reading if you haven't yet figured how why you should be drooling over this chipset.

Van's latest look at nForce reveals some disturbing news, if true. The chipset may not initally support Windows 2000 or Win98, and nForce mobos may not hit the market until October:

Ace's Hardware has reported that nForce motherboards may be available as soon as August. NVIDIA has only stated that product availability will be this fall. The Santa Clara, California based graphics chip company has disclosed, however, that the launch date is contingent on both AMD Palomino and Windows XP availability. In fact, NVIDIA has even positioned that initial nForce OS support would be limited to Windows XP and ME. This casts some doubt on the August timeframe, and may mean that nForce motherboards will not reach market until September or even as late as October 25th, the Windows XP release date.
You may want to get used to WinXP's product activation routine.

Update: NVIDIA has confirmed to us that nForce will support Win98 and Win2K at the time of its release:

Like all of NVIDIA's products, nForce will support a multitude of OSes, including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP, when it is released.
I believe that settles that. No worries.
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