WQHD version of Acer's Aspire S7 ultrabook on the way

Acer's Aspire S7 ultrabook has been around for a little over a year. It's already gotten an upgrade to Haswell processors. Now, according to Engadget, Acer is about to unveil two versions of the machine with high-density WHQD screens.

On a 13.3" panel like the Aspire S7's, a WHQD resolution (i.e. 2560x1440) works out to a pixel density of about 221 PPI, if my math is right. That's just under the 227 PPI density of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display, which crams 2560x1600 into a 13.3" panel with a slightly taller 16:10 aspect ratio.

Both WHQD versions of the Aspire S7 look like they'll cost more than the $1,299 Apple system, though. Engadget quotes price tags of $1,499 and $1,799.99, which it says will get you 8GB of RAM and 256GB of solid-state storage in both cases. It's not entirely clear what will differentiate the pricier system, but a listing for it is already up on Acer's website, and it mentions "10-point multi-touch control." The system also features a 1.8GHz Core i7-4500U processor and a seven-hour battery.

$1499 is pretty steep for an ultrabook, even one with a high-PPI screen. Still, high-PPI systems are few and far between, and it'll be nice to get an extra couple of models to choose from. (Engadget expects availability in the U.S. next week.) One can only hope that the increasing prevalence of high-PPI notebooks will heat up competition and, eventually, drive down prices.

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