Thief '101' trailer sets the stage

Eidos Montreal's Thief sequel is less than three weeks away from release. To kick the hype machine into high gear, Eidos has posted a new trailer in which it says "you will learn everything you need to know" about the game. The clip sets the stage for Thief's story with six minutes worth of cinematics and in-game footage:

I'll stand by what I said about the last chunk of footage that hit YouTube: nothing seems terribly ground-breaking as far as gameplay goes—or graphically, for that matter. Still, more of the same isn't always bad, and Thief could be fun if Eidos Montreal polished everything up nicely.

Thief arrives on February 25 for the PC as well as previous- and next-gen Sony and Microsoft consoles. On the PC, Thief will be the next game to support AMD's Mantle programming interface. Mantle premiered in Battlefield 4 earlier this month, and our benchmarks show that it can cut CPU overhead and boost performance by a fair bit.

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