Rumor: Google Nexus 8 tablet coming in April

Google has an eight-inch Nexus slate in the works, according to the guys at DigiTimes—and the device could turn up in less than three months.

The site says it was tipped off by "Taiwan-based supply chain makers" that the eight-inch Nexus slate will debut in late April. Google will reportedly prep for the launch with "initial shipments" of two million units, and the same sources add that Google is "very likely" to tap Asus, the maker of the first- and second-gen Nexus 7s, to produce the eight-inch device.

This isn't DigiTimes' first story on the subject. A few weeks ago, the site reported that a Nexus 8 tablet would show up some time around the middle of the year. At the time, DigiTimes said its sources believed the device could be powered by Intel's Bay Trail processor—though Qualcomm was said to be "striving for orders."

In both stories, DigiTimes points out that Google's second-gen Nexus 7 is seeing weak demand because of its relatively high price. At $229, the tablet certainly costs more than many other 7" offerings, like Amazon's $139 Kindle Fire HD. Google has reportedly settled on an eight-inch display size for its next tablet in order to "avoid price competition and competition from 5- to 6-inch smartphones."

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