My apologies if things have felt a little slow around here lately. There's some real news coming out this week thanks to ISSCC, but the Chinese New Year made things pretty sluggish last week. Also, we are a little preoccupied here at TR. We have a couple of people out on vacation, and Cyril and I have been working on some behind-the-scenes projects. That's taken up a lot of our time lately.

One problem I've been dealing with is what to do with our podcast. We're on the edge of 150 episodes now, and we have two pretty sizable audio files for most episodes, since Jordan made MP3 and M4A versions of each one. Compared to everything else we do, they take up a tremendous amount of storage space and require a silly amount of bandwidth to host. Recently, an unexpected uptick in podcast downloads left us with some hefty bandwidth charges, and we needed to find an alternative hosting situation for them as quickly as possible.

Happily, the folks at Liberated Syndication came to our rescue with a dedicated podcast hosting service. They offer what appears to be tons of bandwidth, completely unmetered, for a fixed monthly rate that's very reasonable. They also provide detailed download stats, so we can see how many people are listening to the show. All of that may sound like a lot of cloud-type services, but the amazing thing here is that Libsyn has excellent customer service, too. The folks at Libsyn helped us import all of our podcast files to their platform in automated fashion and intervened personally to overcome a few hiccups in the process. In short order, we had the entire TR Podcast catalog hosted on their service. If you have media hosting needs, I can't recommend them enough.

Beyond that, I owe you guys several articles that I may not be able to deliver on entirely. I am keenly aware of running behind on these things, but the podcast hosting issues and some other business-related work have had to take precedence. I am back to working on a review or two now, though, so sit tight. Things should get interesting again soon.

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