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Cyan remakes Myst in real-time 3D—again

Myst is one of my all-time favorite games. Cyan released a real-time 3D remake of it, realMyst, back in 2000, but the remake looks about as dated today as the original Myst did back then. Anyone wishing to play the game now has to wander in a wasteland of low-res textures and crummy lighting.

Only not—because Cyan has just released realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, a re-re-make of Myst that features revamped real-time 3D graphics. Cyan says the game’s environments have been rebuilt with "realistic water, changing weather, dynamic lighting, life-like foliage, bloom and other camera effects, and more." The interface has apparently been redesigned, too, and Cyan now lets you "[b]ring up original Myst images to compare and reminisce."

According to Polygon, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is based on the Unity engine. That engine also powers such indie classics as Rust and Surgeon Simulator 2013. Based on the screenshots Cyan has put out, the Unity re-remake of Myst looks pretty slick—though I do see a few instances of over-zealous normal mapping. (See the image gallery below for more screenshots.)

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is available now on Steam for $17.99. The Steam release is cross-platform, but Mac users can also grab the game from the Mac App Store, also for $17.99, if they prefer. (Thanks to TR reader Bob for the tip.)

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  1. My friends and I just finished playing through this as a group; realMyst: Masterpiece edition is a reasonable graphical update, but be aware that the the engine as implemented is pretty clunky and buggy. We had constant hitching problems throughout the game, and occasionally had lighting oddities that negatively impacted the image.

    The control scheme is also pretty awkward, with standard FPS-style control only working *while moving*. If you’re stopped in place, you need to hold right-click down to rotate your camera… very weird to play with!

    According to one of my friends that played realMyst, you could interact with puzzles at any angle in that version, but in Masterpiece your camera is forced to a given fixed perspective when standing in front of most interactable objects before you can actually push the buttons or pull the levers or whatever.

    This can make it tougher than necessary to know you can interact with certain objects because if you stand a few inches too far away when clicking on it you won’t activate this fixed interaction perspective and you can overlook things that are otherwise important.

  2. Yeah, when I read “cross-platform” in the article I was hopeful it was more than just Windows and Mac OS. Although I believe there is an iOS port of the original Myst, but no Android port, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

  3. I never understood why Myst was as popular as it was, despite the graphics being amazing for 256 colors. It was sort of like the other graphic adventures of the day, except empty. I wandered around that game for days just looking for [i<]something[/i<], and I never found it. At least Kyrandia had people you could talk to while wandering aimlessly for a place where you can use a fishbowl and a wedge of cheese.

  4. Not true.

    The subject of this article ( “realmyst: Masterpiece Edition” ) is NOT currently available at GOG.

    see:- [url<][/url<] Check the EXACT Titles and release dates.

  5. Since its using Unity3D, I would expect more format to be supported? linux? android? ios? consoles?

    Maybe they are upcoming, and the choice of release platform was just a QA problem.

  6. I’m curious what you didn’t like about Myst III. For me that was easily the best of the series.

    Riven was good, if absurdly hard in parts. With a better and more logical ending Myst IV could be almost its equal overall, just with much better immersion.

  7. It’s good to see Cyan is still taking an interest in their previous games. I’m really hoping that they’ll re-make these games when real-time ray tracing becomes available, as these would be perfect candidates with their reliance on visuals and slower pace.

    Edit: And they should definitely partner with Oculus as well!

  8. I wish we had more new age point and click puzzle games! If only Fire Maple Games could pump them out faster.

  9. The Myst games on Steam are there because Cyan went to some effort to put them there.

    Cyan had very little involvement with Exile (Presto Studios) and Revelation (Ubisoft Montreal). Ubisoft owns the rights to both games and isn’t doing anything with them.

    Personally, I found everything after Riven to be tremendously disappointing. Bad writing, loads of mystical (har har) mumbo-jumbo, etc.

    Myst and Riven had a coherent, compelling, and relatively simple central conceit, and once you suspended your disbelief about that, the rest felt like a [i<]relatively[/i<] coherent and reasonable world. Myst III and IV required a fresh suspension of disbelief at every turn; every new gadget might operate via some new kind of magic or life force or technobabble or mystical energy or OH HEAVENS MAKE IT STOP I DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR STUPID DREAM WORLD I JUST WANTED TO PULL THE BLASTED LEVER. Fantasy has to have structure and limits to work; if you feel the author/developer will just drop some new illogical element from the sky at any time it's just silly and boring. I started playing both Uru and Myst V and didn't find them compelling enough to finish. For old times' sake I backed the Obduction kickstarter at the lowest level that involves getting the end product if they finish it, but "flying organic artifact drops down from the sky and whisks you across the universes" doesn't make me too hopeful about the result.

  10. Both of those games were published by Ubisoft and not Broderbund like the previous ones. Niether was developed by Cyan, either.

  11. So Steam has three versions of the first Myst, Myst II: Riven, Myst V and the URU Chronicles. Where is Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation?