Comcast to acquire Time Warner Cable, create new axis of evil

Two of the largest cable TV and Internet service providers are set to merge. Comcast has agreed to buy Time Warner Cable in a deal worth $45.2 billion, according to reports everywhere. Charter Communications had been pursuing a purchase of Time Warner Cable but evidently lost out to Comcast's higher bid.

If the merger meets regulatory approval, which is no sure thing, the combined company would own "almost three-quarters of the cable industry," according to Bloomberg. Comcast also acquired NBCUniversal last year, after owning a controlling stake for a couple of years before that.

Together, Comcast and TWC would have tremendous power to set the market for cable television and Internet services, potentially upping their game in consumer-friendly practices like the bundling of cable channels, imposing low-ball bandwidth caps, and throttling data transfer rates from competitors like Netflix. So we're all very excited around here.

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