Former Steam director leaves Microsoft in under six months

You know Microsoft's ninth annual pledge to restore its focus on PC gaming? Well, apparently the folks in Redmond will have to disappoint us without the help of Jason Holtman, the former Steam director the firm hired less than six months ago.

The folks at Neowin first noticed that Holman's LinkedIn page indicates he left Microsoft in January. Microsoft later confirmed the move in a statement issued to the site.

This departure probably shouldn't be terribly surprising. Not only has its commitment to PC gaming been half-hearted for a while, but Microsoft is also a company in transition. We don't yet know precisely what direction new CEO Satya Nadella will decide to take the company or how any changes might affect Microsoft's gaming businesses, including the Xbox One. Perhaps that uncertainty, along with Holtman's exit, helps explains the cryptic nature of some of Microsoft's statements in that recent RPS interview. Even the firm's public spokespeople may not yet know what comes next.

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