Rumor: Haswell Refresh platform to arrive in April

Well, lookie there. DigiTimes is back with more Intel CPU rumors. After predicting the delayed debut of Intel's Broadwell processors yesterday, the Taiwanese site now reports that Intel's Haswell Refresh processors will be out in April, a month early.

Last we heard, Haswell Refresh was supposed to introduce new, higher-clocked Haswell-based processors as well as a 9-series chipset family. Word has it the 9-series Haswell Refresh motherboard might be upgradeable to Broadwell. There was some talk about 9-series chipsets supporting the Serial ATA Express standard, too, but there's been some disagreement on that front, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.

DigiTimes says its was tipped off to the change in schedule for Haswell Refresh by "Taiwan-based DIY motherboard makers." Oddly, those sources seem to suggest that Intel still plans to launch its 9-series chipsets in May. Since the site says Haswell Refresh will be "compatible with Haswell," I suppose the new chips might initially have to be paired with current-gen motherboards. Hmm.

In any event, the change of plans seems to fit with yesterday's story about Broadwell delays. According to that story, Intel postponed the Broadwell launch in order to allow more time for Haswell inventory to clear.

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