Eight SSDs team up on Super Talent's RAIDDrive II Plus PCIe drive

Super Talent has a new PCI Express SSD. The RAIDDrive II Plus combines eight SATA-based solid-state drives behind an LSI RAID chip with an eight-lane PCIe 2.0 interface. Variants are available with up to 2TB of storage, and the performance specifications are impressive: 2.6GB/s for sequential reads and 3.2GB/s for sequential writes.

Like its RAIDDrive II forebear, the latest Plus revision uses LSI's 2108 RAID controller. However, the new model has more configuration options. Its onboard SSDs can be arranged in RAID 6 and 10 arrays in addition to the RAID 0 and 5 setups supported by the standard RAIDDrive II.

The Plus is slightly faster than its predecessor, too. The old model's sequential transfer rates peak at only 2.4GB/s for reads and 2.8GB/s for writes.

SuperTalent doesn't detail the flash controllers used by the RAIDDrive II Plus, but the original employs current-gen SandForce tech, so I'd expect similar chips under the hood here. Both drives are equipped with MLC NAND. The datasheet for the Plus mentions synchronous MLC NAND specifically, which might explain the performance advantage over the vanilla model. According to the benchmark results in that document, the Plus enjoys a healthy edge over the RAIDDrive II in a wide variety of standard tests. (Benchmark results for the RAIDDrive II are available here.)

Unfortunately, the datasheet doesn't provide endurance specifications or pricing details. If the original is any indication, though, the Plus won't be cheap. Amazon is selling the RAIDDrive II 480GB for $1878 and the 1TB version for $5398.

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