Rock Band creator developing rhythm-infused PC shooter

Harmonix, the developer behind music-based games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, is working on a first-person shooter called Chroma. The game will be free to play and available on the PC, and it looks rather intriguing. Ars Technica got some hands-on time with the title, which combines rhythm elements with traditional shooter mechanics. Timing actions one's actions with the beat of the music allows the player to jump higher and reload faster, for example. The levels will also change in response to the soundtrack.

Source: Ars Technica

Chroma will be Harmonix's first FPS. Fortunately, the studio is working with an experienced partner. The shooter side of the game is behind handled by Hidden Path Entertainment, whose credits include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and CS: Source.

Like most free-to-play titles, Chroma will have some paid content. Ars says that content will be limited to cosmetic effects, though. Players won't be able to purchase items that influence the gameplay.

There's a teaser trailer, of course, complete with the requisite dubstep soundtrack. Too bad the footage lacks actual gameplay. Folks who want an early look at the game will have to apply for the closed alpha test.

I'm a sucker for rhythm-based titles, so I'm curious to see Chroma in action. It certainly sounds like an interesting twist on the shooter genre. Thanks to TR reader Judd for the tip.

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