Tyan grants a third wish

It looks like Tyan is prepping a third entry into the AMD SMP world to complement the two boards it already has available. This third entry looks to be the real winner of the bunch, at least for an enthusiast with a budget. X-Bit has the scoop.
This week Tyan updated the distributors’ price lists and added one more board on AMD-760MP: S2460 TigerMP. It will have no integrated SCSI, No integrated LAN and no integrated graphics. Moreover, the mainboard is promised to cost less than $300, which is undoubtedly a very pleasant announcement for those users who are going to build high-performance workstations with AMD dual-processor configuration.
Tyan certainly is taking advantage of their three month exclusive deal with AMD. At this price point, even Via-based boards will be hard pressed to compete. Thanks to TR reader Kota for the tip.
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