Thief launch trailer is part cheese, part awesome

All right, all right, I'll quit it with the Thief trailers—but only after this last one. The game is coming out next Tuesday (or, if you're in Europe, next Friday), and the folks at Eidos Montreal and Square Enix have whipped up a little three-minute video to set the stage. The clip is laden with cheesy dialogue ("Don't become a ghost yourself!" "I've been a ghost all my life...") but there are also some slick, goosebump-inducing portions. See for yourself:

Yeah, I think I wanna play that.

It's hard to believe almost a whole decade has passed since the previous Thief game came out. The new sequel doesn't look all that different from what I remember. Of course, it really is different. It's a bona-fide next-gen title full of similarly next-gen graphics—and the system requirements call for a fairly beefy PC.

And of course, this will be the second title after Battlefield 4 to take advantage of AMD's Mantle graphics API. If Thief's implementation is similar to BF4's, then Mantle should reduce CPU overhead and boost rendering performance a little, even on low-power Kaveri systems with integrated graphics. Mantle did cause some annoying frame latency spikes in BF4, though. I hope the guys at Nixxes, who handled the PC version of Thief, managed to avoid that in their game.

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