New Intel drivers enable Quick Sync on some Pentium, Celeron chips

Intel has released a new batch of graphics drivers, and there's a surprise in store for folks with Pentium and Celeron processors: some of those chips now support Quick Sync hardware-accelerated video transcoding. The new drivers also let you add custom resolutions through the control panel, and they purportedly improve OpenGL image quality, among other tweaks.

Here's the full list of new features, in Intel's words:

  • Intel® Quick Sync Video now enabled on select Pentium and Celeron processors as called out in the 'HARDWARE' section above
  • Quality improvements for Video conferencing and Video capturing usages on the system
  • Custom display resolutions can now be added. To access this option:
    • 1. Right-click on an open area of the Windows desktop or right-click on the Intel Iris and HD Graphics Driver's icon
    • in the Windows taskbar's System Tray (area with the clock)
    • 2. Select 'Graphics Options'
    • 3. Select 'Custom Resolutions'
  • Quality improvements for OpenGL based applications
  • Added OpenGL support:
    • EXT_clip_control extension
    • ARB_vertex_attrib_binding extension
    • Increased the maximum number of texture image units to 32

You'll want to check the official release notes (PDF) for a full list of Quick Sync-enabled Pentium and Celeron chips. The release notes also have details about a number of bugs that these drivers stamp out. Most of the bug fixes seem to be tied to Windows 8.1, but I see a couple mentions of Windows 7 in there, too.

The new Intel graphics drivers can be downloaded here for 64-bit systems and here for 32-bit ones.

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