Morning, folks. Hope you're doing well. Thanks for bearing with us through a couple of relatively slow weeks while we had some folks out on vacation. Things have already picked up somewhat around here, and there's more to come.

One item I should mention: the podcast is not dead, just repeatedly delayed. We recorded an episode last week, in fact, and Jordan is editing it. We'll post it ASAP once it's ready to go, and we should be able to get back on an every-other-week schedule after this episode, I believe.

In other news, I'm currently downloading Thief and hoping for the best. Seems like the major PC game releases have been slow in coming lately. I've been reading this rather conflicted review of the game at RPS, and it sounds like the latest Thief may be more enjoyable to those of us who never got into the earlier games in the series. Also, I get the impression that an awful lot of the changes to the formula in this new game—contextual movement, well-marked pathways with less freedom of movement than you'd think, rope arrows that can only be used on certain surfaces, "Focus" mode where you can see objects in the world differently—take Thief in a direction that's uncomfortably close to the new Tomb Raider.

Then again, I liked the new Tomb Raider, so I'm not sure what to think about that.

This past weekend, my kids and I tried out Planetside 2, a free-to-play MMO-FPS type thing that delivers on the promise of both of those three-letter acronymns at the same time, while also being class-based and involving multiple levels of player affiliations. The game has been out for a while, but I don't think this particular combination of scope and face-shooting has been done before or since. As with a lot of mulitplayer FPS games, my role as a noob was basically "confused bullet sponge" for the first hour or so, but I started to get a clue as time went on. One "problem" we had: our faction was simply dominating this rolling battle, moving from point to point on the map and overwhelming the enemy. Finding a bad guy to shoot was difficult, right up until I got knifed in the back or sniped in the head from the edge of the continent. Then repeat. I think we'll go back and try again, though, because this game has some really intriguing promise to it.

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