Close is good enough in horseshoes, and Napster

It would seem that 99% accuracy for the filtering of copyrighted material is good enough for the Ninth Court of Appeals. Previously, Napster had been shut down because it was unable to filter out 100% of copyrighted material. Now, it seems, Napster doesn't have to be perfect.

Still, Napster may not rise again until its new subscription-based service is ready.

But it remained unclear whether Napster would ever resume its free song-swapping service as it gets ready to deploy a paid subscription service later this year.

``We have no immediate comment on when we are going to start,'' Napster spokeswoman Ricki Siedman said.

Is anyone else a little wary of this subscription-based service? Napster's been incredibly tight-lipped about what it's going to offer. That doesn't exactly instill a lot of confidence, at least not with me.
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