Annoying ads... work

I noticed on Slashdot that there's an interesting story on Internet advertising over at the Washington Post. The article goes over some studies that were just released on the effectiveness of different types of web advertising.
Not surprisingly, they found heightened responses to the larger ad formats, which come in various shapes and consume two to 10 times as much space on a Web page as a banner. Ads that flashed, moved or made noise had even greater impact than ones that were simply big -- 71 percent higher, on average, than static ads, according to DoubleClick's research.

And the greatest response of all was triggered by pop-up ads including interstitials, so-called because they insert themselves between you and the Web page you're trying to see. Interstitials had impacts nearly three times higher than those of banner ads, DoubleClick's study found.

It's clear that the more intrusive and obnoxious an ad is, the more you'll remember it. I'd remember an ad too, if its seizure-inducing flashing colors gave me a headache. However, I'm not sure that's the kind of awareness and association a company would want with its brand *cough* UGO.
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