Friday night topic: Couch computing

My brother just called me sounding a little desperate. He's an outdoorsy type, not a big computer user, but he left his iPad 2 on an airplane this afternoon. The airline told him that returning it to him will take months, if they are able to find it. He's out a tablet, basically, and he is in no way willing to go without one for that long.

I can relate. I'm glued to my Nexus 7 for way too many hours when I'm not working, whether it's reading books, playing Kingdom Rush, looking up inane stuff on Wikipedia, or checking in on email and TR. That thing gets a ton of use, and I'd be annoyed to go without.

Years ago, I pretty much did the same set of things with my laptop in the evenings while sitting on the couch. Then came an iPad, then another, and now the Nexus. My real power computing and hard-core gaming still happens on big desktop PCs, but tablet use occupies a pretty good chunk of my leisure time. I should mention that, as part of my job, I have a number of tablets, including a third-gen iPad and a 10" Windows 8 device. The Nexus 7 gets all of the use, though. It's no contest. I prefer its size, speed, display quality, and mulitasking acumen to anything else I own.

I'm curious: what do you use for computing when away from your main PC? Anything at all? If so, what exactly is your weapon of choice—and why?


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