Possible Haswell Refresh CPUs listed online

Ah, and just when I was starting to miss e-tail leaks.

As CPU World points out, e-tailer ShopBLT.com has begun listing a small collection of unannounced Intel processors—and those chips could well be part of the rumored Haswell Refresh lineup. Here's a shot of the listings, which pop up when one searches for the keyword "LGA12C" on ShopBLT.com:

(The search also brings up a handful of existing chips, including the Core i7-3770, i7-3770K, i5-3570K, and i7-4770. I cropped those out of the screenshot above, though.)

The listings suggest that at least some Haswell Refresh CPUs may be clocked 100MHz higher than current models. For example, the Core i5-4670's peak Turbo speed is 3.8GHz, while the the Core i5-4690 listing says "3.9GHz." CPU World says the 100MHz bumps will apply to base speeds, as well. That would mean the Core i5-4690 could have a base speed of 3.5GHz, up from the i5-4670's 3.4GHz.

As for prices, those look about in line with what Newegg charges for current members of the Haswell family. It's not clear how close ShopBLT.com's listings are to Intel's volume pricing figures, though. E-tailers often charge small premiums for pre-orders of unreleased parts.

In any case, this all looks a tad underwhelming. Perhaps those 9-series chipsets expected to accompany Haswell Refresh will spice things up a little more. Based on the leaks to date, however, I don't think I'd bother putting off the purchase of a current-gen Haswell CPU.

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