1. Salon on Napster and music sales (thanks TargetBoy)
  2. AMD interview@Tech Extreme
  3. Electic Tech reports on AMI BIOS chips for the AMD 760MP
    and Transmeta's Q2 results
  4. C|Net reports that the government has to respond to Microsoft's request,
    people have mixed feelings about Hotmail's makeover,
    and VoiceXML will give the Internet a 'voice' (thanks rand)
  5. Hard Tecs 4U compares MS DirectX 7 and 8 (in German)
  6. Download Accelerator Plus 5.0 released

  1. Ace's Hardware has the latest on MSI's dual Athlon board and faster Macs (thanks rand and Mark)
  2. Van's Hardware offers more AMD SOI intrigue (thanks rand)
  3. PCPOP has a picture of the Abit KG7-Lite
  4. The Inquirer on VIA P4X266 launch date (thanks rand)
  5. NewsForge reviews Gigabyte GA-7DXR (tested under Linux)
  6. Rojak Pot's pictorial review of Abit SA6R
Graphics and multimedia

  1. X-bit labs reviews SUMA Platinum K2
  2. Tech Extreme rants and raves about NVIDIA GF3 & Windows XP,
    reviews the X10 wireless camera system,
    and plays Echelon
  3. Envy News reviews Guillemot Force Feedback racing wheel
  4. EverythingUSB reviews MSystems DiskOnKey 32MB
  5. t-break reviews Nokia Communicator 9210
Case and cooling

  1. bluescreenofdeth reviews GlobalWin 802 case
  2. GideonTech has 2CoolPC cooling systems roundup
  3. Pro Cooling's autopsy of a review: Cool Innovations vs. SK6 shootout revisited
  4. Envy News reviews OCZ Gladiator w/Delta fan
  5. EXHardware and SystemLogic review AGP AirLift
  6. Case Modders Australia reviews Vantec FCE-62540D
  7. AMDZone reviews Tt Dragon Orb III
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