IDC: PC shipments fall 9.8% in 2013

Ready for more doom and gloom about the state of the PC industry? Market research firm IDC has published PC shipment figures for 2013, and they show a 9.8% decline from 2012. The portable PC segment suffered the most, with shipments falling 11.3% for the year. Desktop PC sales fell only 7.8%.

IDC predicted the PC market would shrink by 10.1% in 2013, but the Q4 results were better than expected, so the news isn't all bad. Here's a breakdown of the numbers along with the firm's projections for future years.

  2012 2013 2014* 2018*
Desktop 148.8 136.7 129.1 119.2
Portable 202.0 178.4 166.8 172.5
Total 350.4 315.1 295.9 291.7

According to IDC, the bleeding will continue in 2014, albeit at a slower rate. Volumes are expected to be slightly down in following years and to level off by 2018.

Despite the stronger-than-expected Q4 results, IDC's latest forecast its more pessimistic than its previous predictions. The firm cites stiffer mobile competition and weaker economic conditions in emerging markets as part of the impetus behind its more negative outlook. Those markets were supposed to be growth areas for the PC, but volumes are expected to continue falling at a faster pace than in more mature markets.

Although the IDC numbers don't single out PC hardware built for gamers and enthusiasts, the outlook for that segment is more positive. Jon Peddie Research expects the PC gaming hardware market to grow 6.5% in 2014. I haven't seen any 2013 numbers for that slice of the market, though.

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