Radeon R7 265 becomes available at $149, promptly sells out

AMD announced the Radeon R7 265 in mid-February and said it should hit store shelves at the end of that month. Given the current supply crunch for Radeons caused by the cryptocurrency mining rush, we had to wonder whether the R7 265—which is basically the same thing as the Radeon HD 7850—would truly be available at its suggested list price of $149.

The answer is beginning to unfold. After several days more waiting than originally projected, the first R7 265 cards, from Sapphire, went up for sale at Newegg late yesterday for $149.99.

By this morning, the cards were all out of stock.

As of now, there are no other R7 265 cards listed at the online retailer. A quick search didn't turn up any cards at Amazon, either. AMD tells us there will be more R7 265 cards hitting retailers "in the coming days." We'll have to keep an eye on the listings and see how things play out from here. We're also curious to see how the Radeon R9 280 affects the market.

Things seem to have gone off-kilter in the crytpocurrency world, too, with several high-profile heists and the death of an exchange's CEO in recent days. Kinda seems like anything could happen next.

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