Fan-made Morrowind remake looks amazing

I have fond memories of Morrowind, the pre-prequel to Skyrim, but it looks a little dated these days—just as any 12-year-old game would. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports, a team of modders has taken it upon themselves to remake the game in the Skyrim engine. The mod is still a work in progress, but it already looks stunning.

See for yourself:

You can follow the development of Skywind, as the mod is called, here on the TES Renweal Project forums. A list of frequently asked questions about the project can be perused here. Sadly, though, the download page says the mod is "not available for public release anymore, due to its very alpha state."

Too bad. I do hope I'll get to play this thing eventually. Morrowind had a unique atmosphere that other Elder Scrolls games have never quite replicated. My only request is that the modders include an option to cull the cliff racer population.

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