Deal of the week: Discounted Windows and cheap storage

Our deals posts are often dominated by storage discounts, and this week's edition is no exception. There are loads of SSD bargains right now. Before we get into them, we'll start with something completely different.

  • Windows 8.1 is $20 off at Newegg with promo code EMCPGPC38, knocking the asking price to $80. The discount applies to the 64-bit, OEM version of the operating system, which is probably the one you want. Microsoft's Personal Use License allows OEM versions of the OS to be installed on DIY builds.
  • Seagate's 600 Series SSD is on sale at TigerDirect. The best deal is the 480GB version, which is discounted to $230 with coupon code NSW119809. The 240GB version is also on sale, but its $130 asking price works out to a higher cost per gigabyte. Both drives are excellent values at those prices, though.
  • Intel's 335 Series 240GB SSD is usually priced at a premium, but Newegg is offering the drive for only $135 right now. This might be the lowest price we've seen on the 335 Series thus far. Why pay an extra $5 over the Seagate 600 Series 240GB? Because the Intel drive is slightly faster overall and comes with excellent utility software.
  • Samsung's 840 EVO 750GB SSD is our cost-per-gigabyte leader this week. The drive is down to $350 at Newegg, which equals only $0.47 per gig—a penny less than the Seagate 600 Series 480GB. With deals like these, it's hard to get excited about smaller discounts on other kinds of products.
  • If we include mechanical drives, the real cost-per-gig champ is Seagate's Desktop HDD.15 4TB. TigerDirect has this monster on sale for $150 after promo code TWJ119203, dropping the price to less than $0.04 per gigabyte. SSDs are much faster than mechanical storage, of course, which is why we recommend running one of each.

As always, we'll conclude with a selection of deals for Gerbils north of the border. NCIX's Ships Ahoy Sale Event has a mind-boggling number of discounted items, including the following: Corsair's Vengeance Pro DDR3-1866 2x4GB kit for $88, BitFenix's Prodigy Mini-ITX enclosure for $60, and Crucial's M500 240GB SSD for $155. NCIX has some other SSDs on sale, too, but you've probably seen enough of those already.

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