Technological Dissonance: The loudest minority

MICROSOFT HAS FACED a storm of criticism from the tech community over its upcoming subscription model for Windows XP. You can slam the activation process, the potential privacy invasion, the number of hardware items you're allowed to change between activations, the pricing model, even continued leveraging of monopoly power. Every facet of the new model has been argued and slammed to death at this point, though. There's not much new to add to the debate, other than to point out the debate itself is largely futile.

Futile? Doesn't Microsoft care about what the tech community has to say?

Chances are, if you're referring to the same tech community that regularly reads sites like this one, Microsoft could care less. The more I read on the web, the more I see a generally arrogant and naive stance being taken by a lot of people bashing Microsoft's tactics with its new OS. Don't get me wrong; I don't like the XP activation scheme at all. But I understand why Microsoft is doing it, and why nothing you or I can do will change any of that. Read on to see what I mean...

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