Unreal Engine 4 game, freemium credits populate new GeForce bundles

Nvidia's GeForce GPUs now come with a fresh batch of bundled extras. Desktop cards from the GTX Titan down through the GTX 660 include a free copy of Daylight, while those in the GeForce GTX 650 and 750 families get $150 of in-game currency spread evenly between three freemium titles: Warface, Heroes of Newerth, and Path of Exile. Select notebooks based on GeForce GTX 700M and 800M GPUs will also come with the free-to-play credits.

Daylight is billed as the world's first PC game built with Unreal Engine 4. This "procedurally-generated psychological thriller" is set for release on April 8, and it seems to involve a lot of walking around in the dark with a smartphone. Cue trailer:

Despite its next-gen engine, Daylight looks a little lo-fi. Maybe that's just the YouTube compression. Daylight isn't a blockbuster release from a big studio, though, and it's only $10 on Steam.

Given Daylight's price, I'm not sure if I'd rather have the in-game cash for those freemium titles. Path of Exiles has a good Metacritic score, and so does Heroes of Newerth. However, the response to Warface has been considerably more negative. $50 of in-game currency might at least address the complaints about "pay-to-win equipment unlocks" voiced by some player reviews.

Newegg has plenty of cards with the new bundles in stock, but the quoted prices for the special offers are a little wonky. Daylight is a supposed $90 value, while the freemium credits are pegged at only $60. Weird.

The Daylight bundle is definitely a far cry from the multiple AAA titles and Shield coupons in Nvidia's last round of holiday freebies, but AMD isn't exactly putting the pressure on with premium extras of its own. As long as the prices of high-end Radeons remain inflated by the cryto-currency mining scene, the equivalent GeForce cards won't need a whole lot of help.

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