AMD could launch Hawaii-based FirePro card next week

Oops. AMD appears to have inadvertently leaked the existence of a FirePro card based on its Hawaii GPU. Videocardz noticed that AMD's Investor Relations site briefly mentioned an "AMD FirePro Hawaii Launch" as an upcoming event. The investor site now shows the event as an "AMD Professional Graphics Showcase."

An AMD representative posted about the event in our forums, noting that the company will "preview groundbreaking new solutions for the professional graphics market." There's no mention of the Hawaii GPU, but we should have the official word next week. The press conference will be held on March 26 at 9:15 AM PT. AMD plans to livestream the event for all to see.

AMD's current family of professional graphics products is capped by the workstation-oriented FirePro W9000, which has a single Tahiti GPU familiar from the Radeon HD 7900 series, and the server-focused FirePro S10000, which sports dual Tahiti chips. Refreshing those products with the Hawaii GPU from the Radeon R9 290 series makes sense.

There's additional evidence that some sort of new dual-GPU card is on the way, too. Last week, AMD teased the press with mirrored pictures of themselves accompanied by the #2betterthan1 hashtag and the caption, "wouldn't you agree that two is better than one?" Those hints don't refer to a professional-grade product or a high-end gaming card specifically. However, AMD's dual-Tahiti Radeon 7990 is nearly a year old, so it's also due for an update. I just hope there are enough Hawaii GPUs to go around.

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