1. Linux 2.4.7 and 2.4.7-pre9 from the Linux Kernel Archives (thanks rand)
  2. Electic Tech has Windows Messenger 4 .Net beta 146
  3. C|Net has the latest on the SirCam worm (thanks rand)
  4. eWeek reports that Microsoft opposes speeding antitrust case (thanks rand)
  5. boycottrambus has a list of Crucial memory price cuts
  6. Björn's 3D World reviews Gran Turismo 3 for Sony PS2 and Final Fantasy movie

  1. X-bit labs does NVIDIA nForce chipsets pricing analysis (thanks rand)
  2. SocketA reviews EPoX EP-8KHA
  3. reviews Abit TH7-RAID
  4. Mikhailtech reviews DFI AK75-EC
Networking, multimedia, and cooling

  1. Digit Life on HomePNA 1.0 and 2.0 technology
  2. accelenation reviews ADI L712 17" DVI LCD display
  3. Dan's Data reviews Acer CRW 2010A CD writer,
    Skymaster Skycase DEL-0551 external Firewire drive box,
    and DiscSaver CD cases
  4. Pro Cooling on the importance of clamping the peltier
  5. Rojak Pot's CPU coolers roundup
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