Crytek touts new CryEngine, pledges Mantle support

Crytek has joined the growing list of developers signed on to support AMD's Mantle API. The announcement was made at GDC this afternoon; it says support for the close-to-the-metal programming interface will be added to the latest version of CryEngine. Note the use of the term "will." Mantle apparently hasn't been integrated into the engine yet, and there's no information on when the first CryEngine games will support it.

In a separate press release, Crytek touts the benefits of its latest engine tech. Mantle isn't mentioned, but there are some tidbits on improved shading, animation, lighting, and character rendering. Plus the usual links to pretty videos of in-engine footage, of course. Here's the official engine showcase trailer:

The video showing off what folks have made with the free SDK is even more compelling, I think:

A lot of developers use CryEngine, so it will be interesting to see how many more games pledge Mantle support. CryEngine is also coming to Linux, which prompted Forbes to ask AMD about the possibility of Mantle following suit. Interestingly, AMD marketing head Chris Hook said the company "is doing a feasibility study to determine how and when to bring Mantle to Linux." "We take the SteamOS movement very seriously," he added.

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