The deadline for our top-10 subscriber bonus perks is just two hours away, and we've had some recent movement in the list. Here are the current standings as I write:

We have several folks at $302, $301, and $300 bunched up behind them, I believe. Surely they won't take this lying down.

You can check the top-10 list here as the noon Central deadline approaches.

While we're on the subject of subscriptions, I'd like to take a second to do something I should have sooner. This subscriptions system was built by three people, and one of them was me acting as an often-preoccupied project lead. Cyril did all of the artwork, design, and CSS, including the awesome gerbil drawing, and Bruno was the sole developer. The fact that things seem to have worked well since we switched on the payment system and features is a huge credit to them. Bruno's work has been particularly amazing given the constraints involved, so I figured I should say something. Thanks, guys!

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