These top 10 contributors get to pick their perks

The clock has ticked down on our kick-off period for TR subscriptions, and here are the top 10 contributors:

Thanks to each of these folks for going above and beyond in supporting TR! Each of you guys gets to pick from one of these three items:

  • Dinner with a TR editor. If you can make it to our location, you can can dine with either me (in Kansas City or perhaps San Francisco/Silicon Valley, since I visit there fairly often), Geoff and Cyril (in Vancouver) or Jordan (in New York City). We'll pick up the check.
  • An appearance on the TR podcast where you can talk tech with the panel for a segment.
  • An executive producer credit for one episode of the podcast.

Make your choice! Then shoot me (Damage) a private message in the forums to let me know what you'd prefer. We'll take care of the arrangements from there.

Oh, and if you're in silicon valley and would like to grab dinner with me, I'll be out there next week at Nvidia GTC, so we should get going on that.

Meanwhile, new subscription sign-ups continue to roll in, and I recognize a lot of the nicks as long-time readers. Thanks again to everybody who has chosen to support us by subscribing.

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