1. eWeek reports that 'Code Red' worm to take aim at White House? (thanks rand)
  2. Hardware Extreme's W32/SirCam@MM virus removal guide
  3. ZDNet on Microsoft's Java jump (thanks ---k)
  4. The Inquirer on Brookdale-D,
    Intel's server plans,
    VIA's Matthew,
    and Dell's high memory upgrade prices (thanks rand)
  5. PIII not quite dead yet? (thanks rand)
  6. EETimes reports that Sharp will build fab for 'system-on-glass' panels,
    car makers prep advanced cell phone cradles,
    and battle ready for Internet-ready car (thanks rand)
  7. Hexus visits Coolcasemods HQ
  8. Website du jour: Cybercast News Service (thanks rand)

  1. Ace's Hardware on Itanium: Titan or Titanic?
  2. Digit Life reviews Acorp 6A815EPD dual S370 mainboard
  3. t-break reviews Shuttle AK31
  4. Digit Life reviews Gainward CARDEXpert GeForce3 PowerPack !!!
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