Chrome on desktop gets Google Now notifications

Another Android feature is coming to Chrome on the desktop. This morning, Google announced that Google Now, its customizable information aggregator, will roll out "over the next few weeks" to folks running Chrome on desktop and laptop PCs. The rollout starts today, so some lucky users may already be able to enjoy the feature.

Source: Google.

According to this page on Google's support site, Google Now on Chrome delivers a "subset" of the cards available on the mobile version. The company mentions "weather, sports scores, commute traffic, and event reminders cards." It doesn't look like you need to do anything special to enable the functionality: just signing into Chrome with your Google Account should be enough, the company says.

I played around with Google Now when it was rolled into Google's Search app for iOS, but despite all the rave reviews from my Android-using acquaintances, I never found much use for it. Perhaps its arrival on the desktop, via Chrome, will make me reconsider. Either way, it's probably a good thing to make features like Google Now accessible on as many devices as possible.

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