Brushed aluminum, USB 3.0 hub combine in Das Keyboard 4

Metadot's Das Keyboard has been around for what seems like forever. The last update was back in 2009, according to Wikipedia, and the mechanical keyboard landscape has become a lot more crowded since. To take on the latest wave of challengers, Metadot has developed a new model that CEO Daniel Guermeur claims is an "order-of-magnitude improvement over past generations." Introducing the Das Keyboard 4:

So, what's new? The enclosure has been tweaked to minimize vibration, Metadot says, and it's held together with hex screws instead of pedestrian Philips hardware. More importantly, the top panel is now brushed aluminum for "improved durability." The old Model S has a glossy plastic top that's entirely too prone to collecting ugly fingerprints and smudges.

The Das Keyboard 4 features a handful of media keys in the top corner. There's a dedicated sleep button, too, plus a giant volume knob that was inspired by Hi-Fi stereo gear. Under the hood, an integrated USB hub provides a pair of Gen3 ports for peripherals and external storage.

Two versions of the Das Keyboard 4 will be available in the US. The one with Cherry MX blue switches is set to sell for $169, while the variant with MX browns will ring in at $173. Those prices are pretty steep, especially given the lack of backlighting and other perks. The beefed up chassis sounds promising, though, and the brushed aluminum should give the Das a more premium feel than typical mechanical keyboards.

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